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Making The Case To Be New Jersey’s Best Digital Marketing Agency

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Claiming to be New Jersey’s best digital marketing agency is a bold statement, however, at Grey Matter Direct we sincerely believe that this is the case.

Before you ask we will tell you straight out that we don’t have any awards for our work as an agency. We consider those to be popularity contests withing the web and advertising communities and we’ve never had time for it. What we do have is years and years of outstanding work product and superior results to back this claim.

digital marketing agencyOur story starts at the beginning of the internet era when our agency was founded. We were fortunate to land some very important jobs early on. Prior to founding the agency, our founder, Ned Barrett, was in charge of direct-to-consumer marketing and e-commerce at Mattel Toys. The brands that he formed the online presence for included Matchbox Cars, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and several others.

Because of Ned’s extensive background in toy marketing he was able to win the contract to build the very first e-commerce store for Hasbro Toys, which is the maker of beloved toys like Monopoly, G.I. Joe, Trivial Pursuit, Tonka, and so many more.

In our work with Hasbro we were in charge of strategic planning (jointly with management), tactical implementation, warehouse and operations set up, website design and development, database management, e-mail marketing, Google advertising and search engine optimization. We were also the first to introduce Hasbro videos to YouTube.

We worked with Hasbro for nearly 10 years and are very proud of the work we did to launch the Hasbro Toy Shop. We are also proud of how Hasbro has built on this work in the creation of all of its various digital offerings.

If you spend time on our site you will see that we have done a lot of marketing for toy companies but our range of clients is actually exceptionally diverse.  We have major client engagements in industries that include the Life Sciences, Insurance, Energy, Horse Racing, Candy, Hunting Gear and Outdoor Furniture categories. However, it is not always just about the big clients with big budgets. Grey Matter Direct also loves working with smaller clients.

As a digital marketing agency it is really a joy to work with smaller clients. Almost without exception they are very passionate about their businesses and are eager to educate us about their product and service lines, and give us the kind of insights into their marketplaces that allow us to build more effective campaigns and marketing approaches for them.

For us, the diversity of clients in terms of focus, offerings and size give us a great many new ideas that can then be leveraged for other clients. In terms of marketing, it is truly a virtuous circle.

As to Grey Matter being New Jersey’s best digital marketing agency, well, that is our opinion. And we promise all of our clients that they will have our full attention and will be treated like gold.

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