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Google Ads - A Moment to Learn and a Lifetime To Master

The Google Ads platform is one of the most important advertising channels available to marketers today. There are several reasons for this including precision targeting, directly measurable return on investment and the fact that people are looking for your ad. At Grey Matter we specialize in Google Advertising and have developed a best practices approach to harnessing this powerful advertising channel for our clients.

Google Ads are paradoxically very simple and complex at the same time. One can create an ad on Google in about 5 minutes but there are nearly unlimited ways to refine and enhance that ad. It is like the tagline of a well-known game – “A Moment to Learn, A Lifetime to Master”. That phrase pretty much sums up Google Ads. There are so many ways to enhance an ad campaign, from demographic and geographic targeting to day parting to keyword injection to display ads…it just goes on and on and on.

Grey Matter’s clients love Google ads because of the ability to tie their campaigns directly to whatever outcome they are looking for. Whether is is straight-up e-commerce sales, filling seats or gathering an online audience there is a Google campaign that is right for your business. And because of the integrations that Google allows for websites we are able to tell our clients exactly which keywords and which ads were responsible for getting a new prospect to take an action on their site.

In terms of e-commerce, we are able to tune campaigns to the specific Ad/Sales ratio demanded by their corporate P&Ls and advertising budgets. There are very few advertising channels that offer this kind of accountability.

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