Ned Barrett


Ned Barrett is a digital marketing expert whose career has had equal parts corporate management and agency experience. These two aspects combine to give Ned unique insights and an ability to develop innovative and effective marketing strategies and business programs for clients in a range of industries.

Ned’s corporate experience at Mattel Toys and Lenox China provide him with a deep understanding of the financial and operational expectations of successful organizations. In these companies, Ned led teams of hundreds of people to bring products and services to market, and was highly successful when measured in terms of revenue generation and profitability. Ned also polished his skills as a leader and motivator who is able to get the best from team members and peers across the organization.

As an agency executive Ned has married these skills with a deep understanding of the latest marketing and social media technologies. To be successful in today’s complex environment, marketers need to be constantly adapting to the newest development while maintaining a firm footing in the legacy channels that are producing the best results. At Grey Matter, Ned helps our clients navigate these complex issues and make it his job to see that they succeed.

– Corporate Leadership
– Marketing & e-commerce
– Financial Management
– Employee Development

The marketing skills that Ned has expertise in include:
– Strategic Marketing
– Advanced Analytics
– Lifetime Value Analysis
– e-mail Marketing
– Social Media Management & Marketing
– Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
– Media Buying
– TV Advertising Placement
– Video Production
– Database Management
– e-Book Publishing
– Website Development
– Drop-Ship Management
– Market Planning
– Demand Generation
– Content Strategy

Industries that Ned has expertise in include:
– Toys & Family Entertainment
– Life Sciences, Pharma & Bio Tech
– Real Estate
– Insurance
– Gaming

Contact Ned Barrett:
O: 856-222-0725
M: 856-465-6300