Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The art and science of getting your site to rank

Search Engine Optimization - The Key to Online Success!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art and science of getting a website to rank highly on search engines for the keyword phrases that are important to our client’s businesses. SEO is arguably one of the most complicated and most important aspects of modern marketing.

The first thing to understand is the science of Search Engine Optimization. Although the Google SEO Algorithm is one of the most tightly guarded secrets in marketing, many smart people and organizations have thrown enormous amounts of money, time and energy into deducing how the algorithm operates and the inputs that are needed to “feed” the beast. The result is a road map that sophisticated marketers can use to achieve rankings for the sites they manage.

Believe us when we say that there are many moving parts to optimizing a site for search and it requires constant learning to keep up with Google’s requirements. Google rewards sites that are kept up to date, that are regularly adding new content and that are playing by their rules of good Search Engine Optimization. Grey Matter is expert in the science of SEO and we are constantly investing in learning the evolving best practices so that Google is happy with our clients.

The other element is the art of SEO. You might be able to use Search Engine Optimization best practices to craft a technically perfect SEO page but is it readable? If site visitors come to a page only to find that the writing is poor and not compelling then you’ve achieved nothing.

Grey Matter’s search engine marketing experts are also highly skilled writers who create site content that readers want to engage with. This makes our pages stick and drives the strongest possible results for our clients.

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