Database Management

Big data, little data, medium data – Grey Matter takes data and turns it into actionable information.

It All Comes Down To The Data

Database management for firms that conduct their marketing online is more critical than ever. Almost every customer-facing website collects large amounts of information on customers, donors, site registrations and other people who are involved with their businesses. When it is done correctly, database management can be a leveraged to increase the performance of every business and entity.

The marketing experts at Grey Matter Direct have been managing customer databases for our clients for over 20 years. We have the distinction of creating the very first consolidated web marketing database for Hasbro Toys when we helped them create their first e-commerce business. We were also the first company to perform decile analysis for TVG, the online thoroughbred horse racing wagering site.

Some of the database management services we offer include:

  • The storage and management of customer data from across our client’s enterprises.
  • Data consolidation and data hygiene that produces clean and efficient marketing outreach programs.
  • Advising on the elements that need to be in our customer’s privacy policies that protect consumers and provide boundaries for what is permissible for marketing given current regulations and best practices.
  • Data collection via custom forms that feed a variety of outreach activities like e-mail marketing and direct mail.
  • Data analytics that highlight various performance aspects of our client’s businesses.
  • Customer drill-down analysis that creates actionable segments of customers out of larger databases.
  • Decile analyses and other value-band analyses

The secret of our success with database management is that we really enjoy it. Getting into our client’s data and leveraging the resulting information provides an extra level of power to our already strong suite of digital marketing tools and solutions.

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