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The rumors of email’s demise are greatly exaggerated. In fact, it’s better than ever!

email Marketing is Stronger Than Ever

email Marketing is a very important element in every marketers tool kit. And, despite warnings from some quarters that email marketing is dying or dead, we are very pleased to report that e-mail is stronger than ever for Grey Matter Direct’s customers.

Every few years some internet pundits get some traction with their posts by claiming that the role of email in the online marketing mix is declining. They will claim that social media is replacing it as a form of communication or that workplace collaboration tools are making email obsolete. What we can tell you is that these prognostications are simply untrue.

While it is true that young people tend to gravitate almost exclusively to social media or texting to communicate with friends and relatives, when they enter the adult world they are more or less “forced” to deal with e-mail.  Certainly as soon as they enter the workforce or start expanding their online shopping to a broader array of stores they start to embrace e-mail.

Whatever the cause, email marketing is just as strong now as it has ever been and, when done with taste and discretion, e-mail produces some of the highest quality results of any online advertising channel.

Grey Matter has been doing email marketing since 1999, so to say that we know something about it is an understatement. Our designers create compelling emails that are visually appealing and rich in the kind of content that encourages consumers to interact with our clients and generate sales.

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