WTEC is Energy Redefined

WTEC Energy is a giant in power and is creating new and innovative solutions for an industry that is indispensable to almost every aspect of our lives

Ampacity Is The Key!

Ampacity is the industry phrase for how much electricity a cable can carry. When we evaluated WTEC’s website on that basis, we (and the client) found that it didn’t have enough juice to achieve WTEC’s business goals.

Working with WTEC’s leadership with decided to tear the site down and rebuild it from the ground up!

Let There Be Light!

Our first step was a visual make-over for WTEC. The company has an incredibly strong product line and industry presence and we highlighted these strengths with clean visuals and a focus on its core strengths.

Focus on WTEC's Core Strengths

WTEC is an energy infrastructure company that has some significant strengths and elements that differentiate it from the competition. Its products are brought to market by a diverse team of highly talented engineers, product managers and energy industry executives and the solutions WTEC delivers are highly respected in the industry. We gave each of the firm’s core strengths its own section on the site.

Getting The Details Right Is Everything

Like any advanced technology sector the energy industry is very complicated. Fortunately we’re pretty quick studies. We were able to understand the details of the product lines and create a product presentation and SEO plan for WTEC that is placing them in an excellent position online.

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