Performance Kitchens

There is almost nothing better than a beautiful kitchen!

When the product is great, marketing is easy!

Performance Kitchens & Home is the premier creator of fine kitchens in Philadelphia. Regardless of the budget or the style of home, the kitchens they create are nothing short of spectacular. For a digital marketing agency like Grey Matter Direct, this is a dream come true. We have lots of eye candy to delight potential clients.

If we’ve learned one thing from Performance Kitchens it’s that people love looking at beautiful kitchens.

Step 1: Create a Beautful Website

The first step when working with a client like Performance Kitchens is to create a beautiful website because that’s where the action takes place. Consumers love visiting our kitchen galleries to see what new kitchen inspirations they can ogle over.

Step 2: Invest The Site With Great Content

Beyond posting the latest kitchen creations to the site, Grey Matter’s team of SEO writers is busy creating informative new content for the Performance Kitchens site. The process starts with our client telling us about a topic that is important to their business, then we invest it with the search engine optimization that will push it to the top of Google search. The content we create is intelligent, relevant and engaging. It is also optimized for search and drives huge numbers of prospects to clients like Performance Kitchens.

Great content and smart marketing drives sales!

Step 3: e-mail Marketing

Once the content is created then it is time to start telling people about it. In the case of Performance Kitchens, we create e-mails every week that can be sent to their huge, home-grown audience of fans. The engagement rates for these e-mails is huge and a steady diet of e-mails produces a steady stream of new jobs.

Step 4: Take It to The Next Level

It may seem funny to consider direct mail to be a new tactic but it almost is. For most consumers, our mailboxes are so empty that when mail hits it, we’re surprised.

For Performance Kitchens, brochures are the ultimate mailbox “buster”. We strategically send them to prospects and they are often the thing that creates an appointment.

Step 5: Never Stop Advertising

Advertising is critical in bringing new eyeballs to any site. For Performance Kitchens, our highly tuned Google Ads campaigns drive qualified traffic to their site and is responsible for lots of leads and jobs.

As most people know, Google Ads are different from other types of advertising because they trigger based on searches for goods and services that people are directly interested in. In our opinion, Google Ads are still one of the best bets in digital advertising because the of the results they generate.

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