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TS Conductor – Leading the World’s Clean Energy Revolution

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It is not often that an advertising agency’s clients are actually out to change the world, but TS Conductor and its visionary founder, Dr. Jason Huang, are actually doing that.

Amidst the great push to adopt electric vehicles and to shift away from fossil fuels, most people aren’t aware of the fact that the existing U.S. electrical grid is woefully inadequate to adapt to the clean energy revolution. This is because most of the current U.S. energy transmission grid was built in the 1960’s and 1970’s when EVs were not even a consideration. As a result, the grid is already experiencing stresses that will become unmanageable unless major changes are made.

A recent report by researchers at the University of Texas and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that if virtually all passenger cars in Texas were electrified today, that state would need approximately 110 more terawatt-hours of electricity per year—the average annual electricity consumption of 11 million homes. The added electricity demand would result in a 30 percent increase over current consumption in Texas. The report went on to note that complete electrification of passenger vehicle transportation in California might require nearly 50 percent more electricity.

Generating electricity from renewable sources is one of the major challenges in this transition, but the other is actually getting that energy to TS Conductor a client of grey matter directbusinesses, people’s homes and their electric vehicles. Electricity gets to us via the high-tension wires that crisscross America. These wires are collectively called “conductors”.

The evolution of electrical conductors is a history of the advancement of materials technology. The ACSR Conductor (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) was introduced in 1908. The use of high strength steel with hard aluminum was reflective of the best materials technology at the time. Over the years, various combinations of metals and composite materials have been used to increase the strength and ampacity (amount of electricity carried in the wires) of electrical conductors. To this point, all of these have come up short for various reasons.

Failing electrical conductors were the cause of the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County, California, which started the morning of November 8, 2018, and burned a total of 153,336 acres, destroying 18,804 structures and resulting in 85 civilian fatalities and several firefighter injuries. The Camp Fire is the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history and was in part the result of high-tension electrical conductor wire sagging and breaking when it reached down and hit trees and vegetation.

The enormous destruction that resulted from the Camp Fire was a wake-up call for many citizens and industry experts that a new approach to electrical conductor was needed.

It was about this time that Jason Huang was introducing TS Conductor to the world. TS Conductor uses a high-strength carbon core that is

Jason Huang, PhD, TS Conductor’s President & CEO

Jason Huang, PhD, TS Conductor’s President & CEO

encapsulated with aluminum under high-tension. This means that it has safety, reliability, and longevity built-in, and it uses the most-conductive form of aluminum to deliver superior performance:

Since TS Conductor is lighter than traditional conductor, utilities can increase the distance between expensive transmission towers, which can cost $1 million each or more to build. It is also able to cut line losses in half for the same amount of power vs. the previous line, which can save the U.S. economy billions of dollars by preserving electricity that currently never reaches its destination.

During peak generation and demand periods, it is able to handle triple the capacity with the same overhead line towers, delivering more green electrons from renewable generation to the load centers, reducing large-scale wind and solar curtailment, increasing system reliability, and alleviating grid congestion bottlenecks that are causing customer utility bills to rise.

TS Conductor provides utilities with multiple application opportunities to enhance reliability and resiliency, while facilitating renewable integration, reducing environmental impacts and total cost of ownership for years to come.

TS Conductor Improves Power Transmission
Electricity is the lifeblood that powers the world economy. The highest ampacity and best efficiency that is delivered by the revolutionary TS Conductor, enables the electric grid with virtually unlimited capacity for the electrification of buildings, transportation, and industry, through abundant and affordable renewable electricity.

TS Conductor Delivers Improved Electricity Distribution
Electric power distribution is another critical aspect of the world-wide electrical grid. TS Conductor enhances electricity distribution through its unique design and characteristics.

Smart Grid
TS Conductor Powers The Smart Grid
TS Conductor includes a data line that will transmit information about energy flow and line interruptions directly to the utility in real time. The data provided by TS Conductor is a key component in the development of the smart grids of the 21st Century.

New Line & Rebuild
TS Conductor is ideal for new lines or rebuild in the existing right of way
Total Solution (TS) Conductor’s high capacity and low resistance provide the utility or developer with maximum power for revenue and lowest line loss for operating cost savings and lowest cost for rate payers. Its superior sag characteristics also enable longer span and fewer or shorter towers for substantial upfront CAPEX savings. TS’s superior sag also translates into lower corona noise and EMF at the ground level.

TS Conductor delivers the lowest installed cost per megawatt, while minimizing the environmental impacts of infrastructure upgrades and new construction.

TS Conductor is the perfect conductor solution for reconductoring
Total Solution (TS) Conductor’s high strength, lighter weight and low sag characteristics allows utilities to replace ACSR conductors on existing T&D infrastructure without the need to retrofit or rebuild towers, in both heavy ice regions as well as hot climate zones. This is the most economical and capital efficient way to increase grid capacity within the existing Right of Way.

Due to all of these clear and obvious benefits, TS Conductor has received great acclaim which has resulted in huge investment from Wall Street and industry partners. Breakthrough Energy Ventures, National Grid Partners and a subsidiary of NextEra Energy have joined TS Conductor in its oversubscribed Series A financing, for a total $25 million in funding. This investment is also backed by Bill Gates, who is heavily involved in renewable energy projects.

For TS Conductor, this is just the beginning. At Grey Matter Direct, we are proud to be involved with Dr. Huang and the TS Conductor team in their mission to deliver a clean energy future to the world.

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