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Todd Fedoruk: A New Kind Of Chief Operating Officer

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Todd Fedoruk. The name evokes different things in different people. To legions of Philadelphia Flyers fans, he is “Fridge”, one of the most formidable enforcers in NHL history. Now, Todd is better known as one of the region’s up and coming health care chief operating officers whose career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable.

Anyone who witnesses Todd in action sees a blur of high-speed activity. The high energy level can be explained by his lifetime of athletics, but it is the quality of his business acumen that is remarkable.

After his NHL career, Todd went into various corporate roles and ended up at Certify, a leader in corporate expense management software. At Certify, Todd gained deep expertise in software management, systems integration and process flow.

These were just the kinds of skills needed by New Life Medical Addiction Services, located in Marlton, NJ.  Todd had been reviewing local businesses and came to New Life without an appointment. New Life’s Principals, Dr. Joe Savon and Joel Albano were so impressed with Todd that they immediately asked him to join the management team at New Life.

Grey Matter Direct client todd fedoruk new life medical addiction services speaks to evesham police

Grey Matter Direct client Todd Fedoruk of New Life Medical Addiction Services speaks to the Evesham Police Department

In his role at New Life, Todd has spearheaded various software and process improvement initiatives at this innovative outpatient detox and addiction treatment center. The operations at New Life are incredibly complex and Todd has brought a new perspective to this dynamic health care enterprise. “In terms of healthcare, people are used to having all of their information at their fingertips, so you have to reach them in that space…that means on their phones. Online, digital marketing is the only avenue to do that. In fact, companies now need to be digital entities that can build brink and mortar infrastructure.” Said Todd in a recent discussion.

Todd is also passionate about New Life’s marketing, and he brings a level of insight that is remarkable in someone with a mind geared to deep process. “Marketing is a science, and that science needs to be applied. And it has to do with the psychology of people. Companies need to be incredibly in tune to the needs of their target community and creating a community is critical, especially with health care.”

When he’s not in process engineering mode, Todd can often be found out and about in the community, which for him is south Jersey and Philadelphia. Originally from Western Canada, Todd could have gone anywhere after his NHL career, but he and his wife chose to live in Mt. Laurel, NJ and raise their 3 children.

Todd firmly believes that charity starts at home, which is why he invests so much of his time speaking to local groups. It is true that his fame as a Flyer alum gives him unusual level of access and support and he uses it to advance his goal of destigmatizing addiction and mental health challenges.

Grey Matter Direct Client Todd Fedoruk speaks to the Evesham Police Department

Todd Fedoruk speaking to new recruits at the Evesham Township Police Department to share the latest on the dangerous drugs that are proliferating in this region and what officers can expect to encounter as they perform their duties.

Todd spends a lot of time meeting with first responders, especially police departments. These are often the first people to encounter someone who is experiencing a drug overdose.

Todd and his partners explain to new police recruits how to administer Narcan (Naloxone}, which can treat narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. People in the throws of an overdose can become disoriented and even violent as the NARCAN works to save them and police need to realize that this is an unconscious reflex that should not be confused with a rejection of help.

Todd also explains to police officers why their role in helping the addicted can be such a powerful force in their ultimate recovery. “The helping hand you extend to an addict in need can be kindness that puts them on a new path. Never forget the power you have to help and heal”.

Todd is not shy about using his fame to effect change. This summer he has been attending Flyers Caravan events where the Flyers organization takes players, cheerleaders and Gritty to meet and greet fans at community centers throughout the Delaware Valley.

The Flyers organization is passionate about mental health issues and supports a variety of causes that align with Todd’s message. “The Flyers

Grey Matter President Ned Barrett with Todd Fedoruk at a recent Philadelphia Flyers Caravan event in Havertown, PA.

Grey Matter President Ned Barrett with Todd Fedoruk at a recent Philadelphia Flyers Caravan event in Havertown, PA.

and Comcast are incredibly supportive and are doing things in the community that are making a real difference in people’s lives. I just hope that I can do the same.”

Todd’s role as a public-facing leader of an organization like New Life can make all the difference to someone who is struggling with mental health challenges or addiction. Patients will often tell him that if a strong man like him can be vulnerable then it gives them the strength to be vulnerable too.

Patient engagement is another area that Todd makes time for despite his unrelenting schedule. He genuinely cares for everyone who is seeking

Grey Matter Direct client Todd Fedoruk with one of his fans

Grey Matter Direct client Todd Fedoruk with one of his fans

help at New Life, and he takes great pleasure and pride in seeing people who have recovered and who are now thriving in their lives. It helps that he is naturally gregarious and likes people. It’s clear that Todd gives a lot of love and gets a lot in return!

As New Life’s digital marketing and advertising partner, we are lucky to be able to work with Todd. Not only does he believe in the kind of event marketing that he is so good at but he also has a deep understanding of today’s digital marketing environment.

“If you’re not marketing, if you’re not dedicating dollars to it, you’re losing money. Nobody knows you’re in business if no one knows you’re in business. A good marketer with the knowledge of the Google algorithm, who understands attraction, what’s working and hasn’t worked. This is critical and it’s the lifeblood of any healthcare company.”

At Grey Matter Direct, we don’t often hear such full-throated endorsements of marketing like this. And it helps us deliver outsized results for this very special client.

Most of New Life’s patient flow over the past 2 years has come from digital marketing and most of that is from SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content. Todd is a content-creation machine, and we are lucky to have someone like him to promote.

With Todd’s help, New Life Medical Addiction Services is rapidly becoming South Jersey’s leader in quality care for addiction and Grey Matter is proud to be their marketing partner.

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