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New Life Team Meets With The Evesham Township Police Department

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For a digital marketing agency like Grey Matter, having clients that are willing to do grass roots marketing is a major advantage. That is just what happens when our client, New Life Medical Addiction Services, does community outreach.

Last week, two members of the management team from New Life Medical Addiction Services met with members of the Evesham Township Police Department to share the latest research and news on the dangerous drugs that are proliferating in this region and what officers can expect to encounter as they perform their duties.

Located in Marlton, New Life is an innovative outpatient addiction center that is changing the way that people can receive treatment for their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Instead of checking into one of the inpatient treatment centers that can be halfway across the country and cost tens of thousands of dollars, New Life’s patients receive their care at their state-of-the-art facility and then go home to be with their families.

Grey matter direct clients new life medical addiction services with jason siitonen of the evesham township police department 1

Captain Jason Siitonen of Evesham Township Police Department hosts Joel Albano and Todd Fedoruk of New Life Medical Addiction Services to discuss the drug crisis and the dangers that officers face when they are trying to assist people struggling with addiction


Jason Siitonen of the Evesham Township Police Department, who was recently promoted to Captain, is in charge of the Township’s officer wellness program. Captain Siitonen invited our clients, Joel Albano and former Philadelphia Flyer Todd Fedoruk to speak to the officers about the current state of drug addiction, proliferation and use in New Jersey.Joel Albano, who is one of New Life’s Co-Founder and is also their Chief Administration Officer, started off the presentation to new police officers by talking about what he is seeing in terms of drugs and addiction in our community.

Joel screens New Life’s patients for the drugs they are using and what he is seeing in his lab reports is disturbing. According to Joel, the two most dangerous drugs that are on the streets today are Fentanyl and Carfentanil.

Grey Matter direct Client joel albano of new life medical addiction services presents to evesham township police department 1

New Life’s Chief Administration Officer, Joel Albano, talks to officers at the Evesham Police Department about the danger that Fentanyl and Carfentanil pose to them in their everyday duties.


Joel explained to the officers that carfentanil is such a potent drug that the equivalent of 1 grain of salt of this potent drug could kill them if they touch it without a glove. The same is true of the dangerous opioid Fentanyl. “Fentanyl is in everything” explained Joel. “They are putting it in cocaine, the cartridges for oils for pot…someone thinks they are buying pot, but if they got it off the street and not from a legitimate state-run facility, it could be laced with something”.

Joel went on to explain some of the dangers that officers will encounter when they are attempting to help someone who is in the throes of addiction. Joel described the loss of control that some of these people will experience and that police officers need to take precautions in these encounters so that they and the people they are trying to help stay safe.

The next to speak was Todd Fedoruk, Chief Operating Officer at New Life. Most people know Todd from his role as a legendary player on the Philadelphia Flyers. Todd has now become a defender for the patients who come to New Life to free themselves from disease of addiction.

Due to his role as an NHL enforcer and the many devastating injuries he received on the ice, Todd now channels his energies into helping people who are struggling with addiction and who want to make positive change in their lives.

Todd’s emergence from addiction has given him the credibility and insight to the help the people who come to New Life. As he explains, “When you are talking to somebody who is experiencing addiction and you look them in the eyes, you better damn sure know what you are talking about.”

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Todd is also a huge advocate for our police and wants to make sure that put themselves in a position to help people and to stay safe themselves. “The gravity of what we’re dealing with is monumental and you guys see it firsthand on the street. So, part of my message is that you can be the hand of hope. You can be the person that saves someone’s life”.

In recent years, police departments across the country have come to the conclusion that they need to embrace a more sophisticated approach to dealing with addiction. Captain Siitonen is on the vanguard of this movement and his concern for the public and his officers is evident.

This kind of community outreach and collaboration with local entities is what New Life is all about. As New Life’s advertising agency, our role is to be involved in our client’s business and to help them communicate the values and connections that they offer our South Jersey Community.

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